5 occasions which need to use manual focus (1)

5 occasions which need to use manual focus

5 occasions which need to use manual focus

Now digital camera is more and more convenient and advanced functions, canvas printing australia use af can be accurately. So why do we still have to use manual focus? Undoubtedly, manual focus on the use of autofocus trouble than indeed, but still has its necessity and practicability. This time we need to share a few used the occasion of manual focus.

  • weak light environment

We have met the occasion that area light is too dim, canvas photo prints online australia even if you clearly show the subject with the naked eye, but when lifting machine half press the shutter, but found the camera can’t focus, even if how to press can take photos? Autofocus actually quite dependent on the scene environment light, under low light environment of the low contrast, natural cannot accurately focus camera, even let you miss the timing of the shooting. In weak light inside, when you find a perfect shot transient time, only to find that because the light is not enough and cannot focus when using manual focus can solve the problem immediately.

  • the macro photography

We also met in close shot object, no matter how half press the shutter, the camera is always can’t focus? Or have you ever tried to see images have been wandering between the focus and out of focus, always does not press the shutter release? This is because the depth of field is too shallow, lead to the camera can’t find the key, automatic focus. Using manual focus at this time can solve most of problems. Macro depth is too shallow, lead to can’t find accurate AF camera focal plane, no matter the macro shot flowers, insects, or other objects, manual focus can be accurate to you to what you want.

  • There is obstacles block in front of the main body

If everyone to the subject of the composition is simple, actually has the ability to make accurate autofocus camera. But if you have any other camera lens between the subject and the object shelter, af tends to be focused on foreground objects, rather than you on the subject. You go to the zoo, for example, take photos, manual focus is a good choice. Animals are remaining trapped in cages, you will find that attempts to autofocus, focus will fall on the cage net, could not take the animals. Then you can use manual focus adjustment to the small animals. In addition, some people use autofocus forget turn off the sound focus, diagonal honey tend to scare off animals, miss shooting opportunities.

  • use live view focus

If you use Live View shooting still life, to magnify the image, let you see clear for accurate focus to focus objects. If the focus is not accurate, use every time autofocus test will be very trouble, rather than directly to use manual focus, you can directly dispatch the focus on the items you want. Walk on the street, for example, if meet stars, but in front of a large group of people, if you take pictures of af and then raised the camera and focus of the image has a good chance will fall on the crowd, even because of you just feel alone to hold cameras, ever photographed clearly want to main body is also unknown. Therefore, the use of the Live View shooting, you can accurately know how I will take picture, then use manual focus, photos can be focus on the object to.

People started to use manual focus can be a bit flustered and think how to focus all cannot find the ideal of focus, but in fact as long as used to use, manual focus can be fresh when they definitely many autofocus problems. When people use autofocus problems not filming, might as well try to use manual focus, it will greatly broaden you can press the shutter time!

  • use the old lens

Using hand lens, of course, need manual focus! Problem is AF camera so good, canvas printing online why use MF lens? Reason is, for example, many legends lens do not have autofocus, a lot of MF era can’t replace the mirror, in the name of the old lens imaging has a special taste, second-hand old lens quality high and very cheap

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