child photography tips

8 parental child photography tips

8 parental child photography tips
One of the holidays, canvas prints new zealand but also parents with children goes out to play you a good time! The main purpose of many of our students to learn photography is shooting for a child, then how can parents novice photographers to shoot the most beautiful children cute side? Among what skills is worth pointing out that it? This time we deliberately borrow Elements round side shoot beautiful venue, with fellow students to share tips about shooting children now!

You must first set up the camera
(A) A-Mode or S / Tv-Mode good use
If you get a basic understanding of photography, you will know that A-Mode Aperture Priority and S / Tv-Mode Shutter Priority usage, photo printing nz when shooting with two more children we can model to concentrate on the composition of it!

A-Mode Aperture Priority: self-adjusting aperture and ISO, shutter is determined by the camera
S / Tv-Mode Shutter Priority: Self-adjusting shutter speed and ISO, wall art nz aperture determined by the camera

When using A-Mode, you can use the aperture to control depth of field and the amount of light, the larger the aperture (such as f / 2.8) there will be more shallow depth of field, large aperture also can make faster shutter;
When using the S / Tv-Mode, you to choose the shutter speed. For example, 1 / 100s, so you can make sure that the photo shoot out clearly, shooting a good move children more time with ah!

Of course, if you have Xinshou on M-mode full manual mode using the M-mode so that you can better understand the exposure, since the camera’s metering function is always not perfect ah (then remember to make use +/- EV Exposure make up)!

The use of A-Mode with +/- EV, and the children could have been behind the colorful Graffiti RV accurate exposure!

(B) make good use of CS
Normally we shoot landscapes, most of the time will be single shooting, but a lot of kids in action, and expressive, using the camera’s continuous shooting function more effectively capture the funny side of children! When using continuous shooting can also be used in conjunction AF-On button (pressing the AF-On lets the camera keep focus, continuous shooting started after the composition is not afraid to lose focus, teaching details please see this article), so that the composition when more convenient!

Let the children in the grass on a beautiful jogging. Then use the ‘CS’ + ‘continuous AF’ shoot to capture the children’s natural side!

(C) The shutter is not too painful!
Photography new parents often mistake one photo is blurred, especially in places such as shopping malls and other indoor, but also because a lot of the time the shutter is too slow, in addition to keep ‘safety shutter,’ students can make recommendations than the safety shutter value a little faster, so a photo clearer.

To effectively enhance the shutter speed, you can use a large aperture or a little higher ISO, indoor mall seems bright, but in fact is not enough light for the camera, in order to maintain a little faster shutter speed, ISO and sometimes also used on 800 1600 too!

In low-light areas (such as children stood Graffiti sport utility car) Please note that when shooting shutter speed, then there is a requirement to enhance the ISO it!

(Iv) lens options
Shooting for children generally use 50mm or 85mm focal length can be, and most of the package will contain 50mm lens focal length it is applied. If you have a photo requires a little higher, you can buy additional expensive large aperture fixed focus lens 50mm f / 1.8, or it is suitable for shooting portraits 85mm f / 1.8 can also be large aperture for shallow depth of field and maintain a low ISO useful!

Shooting composition skills
(A) extreme close-up
In addition to shooting beautifully decorated Elements ? Parties over the site, we can also be more extreme close-up of the children! Little use of telephoto lenses or close to the children to be taken, of course, with the surrounding environment (such as shooting in a classic venue Graffiti RV Outbound) to shoot a more professional feel to it!

Try through the glass. In a classic venue Graffiti RV Social shoot it!

When shooting close-up, although children will account for most of the photo, but we should also contain some of the venue decoration, for example, the following photo: the children lying on the ground, the background is a beautiful sport utility car interior pattern instantly make more photo rich!

(Ii) rapid capture, capture the funny side of children
Children see an interesting decor and toys are always very excited running around, shooting the camera should be ready well, more for capture (Snap), even among the twelve coke or blurred photo beneath it does not matter, but can for a whole series of photos to change it more!

Ready camera, to capture fast capture children adorable side of it!

Sometimes when you pay attention when capturing the iris can be reduced a little (for example, f / 4 or f / 5.6), so that a wider range of depth of field, especially in the use of ‘blind shot’ technique (that is, not to watch the viewfinder will direct feel of shooting)

(C) let the children move
In filming Elements see a lot of parents always told the children obediently stood beside one of the decorative rainbow shooting, in fact, a better way is to let the children move around more, and more to explore different environments, because they face the most playing time rich natural, so make beautiful photo opportunities will be greatly increased!

Multipoint allows children the freedom to play. Let them show the dynamic side of it!

(Iv) make good use of props
When children go out shooting with little props might or multi-site environments utilizing decorative props to make interaction with the children, there will be more change in this photo, the children in the props when more happy smile as well!

More attention around the props, decoration, etc., can add lively feel to your photos!

(V) take advantage of the surrounding natural light and more
To make beautiful photo, students must pay more attention to the surrounding light, for example, in Elements of filming, the ceiling will have beautiful natural light coming in, shooting can make more use of these natural light without the flash, so shoot out photo easier to control exposure, will be softer beautiful!

Elements upholstery exhibition where there are bright ceilings, natural light can shine in. Then you can let the children lying on the grass shooting out the effect will be very beautiful ah!

(F) the child’s shooting at eye level
Children not tall, often shot down in his own eye level when shooting adults, so children become a ‘Bigfoot small head’ effect, in fact, as long as the shooting squat, keeping the children at eye level, so that more can into their world, can feel the joy of children, the photo shoot out are more natural too!

Parents can sit on the ground shooting. Shooting at children’s eye level. So better put their world too!

(Vii) coupled with a fisheye lovely photo shoot
If you have a fish-eye lens (Fisheye lens). Remember to bring out the use ah! Coupled with a fisheye lens, either up or down to shoot, it can also make photo produce exaggerated distortion effect, this time with the children of interesting expressions and movements, can definitely photo Jiatian lovely feeling!

Fisheye lens also lets you capture a wider environment. Then children can be placed in the middle part of the photo!

The use of a fish-eye shot!

(H) multiple shooting from different angles
Asked the children to leave the beautiful photos, the students must not rely on a single composition, of course, the classic ‘rule of thirds’ very good, but we can also use props to make the surrounding environment or ‘frame,’ or looking for some ‘prospects’ as a foil to, even through the decoration (such as Graffiti SUV windows) to shoot children’s every move, but also allows a photo to have more changes.

Try different angles to capture beautifully angled children

Not only can go out to take pictures of the children left behind memory segments, but also to promote feelings through interactive, and parents through the lens might be able to cause the child’s interest and became a professional photographer or Model it!

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