Canvas prints Adelaide

Canvas prints Adelaide

Canvas prints Adelaide

If you are the wind, I am the usual art leaves yellowing, random walk, you can roll up my messy thoughts, floating in the memory, everywhere the old society, and at the moment, I can only aftertaste in the back of you, let you go far; If you are running water, I am the amorous moonlight, you any photo to canvas sings, can arouse my stupid fantasy, in the lingering of tender feelings, flowing drunk in your bosom, and at the moment, I can only aftertaste in your back, let you go away; If you are, I am the memory of the wind chimes, you had no intention of photos on canvas reincarnation, I can swing rang the echo of the soul, in the seasonal change, quietly feel time is cool, but this moment, I can only aftertaste in the back of you, let you go away,

Can’t catch the “if” can’t stop you, I had to stand in the season of ports, kept looking back, looking back far-away blank canvas amorous feelings, and charm you! Perhaps, is the cold rain, soaked with dusty track, perhaps, is the howling autumn, aroused deep thoughts; Rain, has been under, drip of the rain, swing in the ears, like a summer to autumn art prints to turn white, a drop of a promise, a cry, a missing • what language does not so refined, there is no sound so emotional. Rain, but also in the next, dripping figure, twinkle in the eyes, like you in my life suddenly come, again in a hurry to leave, although only a flash, but appeared in countless memories, looking back at a drop of a down a miss.

Under the rain, still, I do not know when, already will hand out of the window, let the rain drop from the fingertips, quietly aware that late autumn cold, only glimmered in the distance photo box high-rise buildings, and hurry traveler in gently tip: I am in this cold autumn, love heart is hot summer; People in the city, the heart is at a distance; Standing in the room, the heart has been wet,,,,,,

The autumn wind, swaying leaves on the ground, ground art prints, desolate this scene, as if is the autumn rain, gratitude and seem to mourn elegance. Rain not, leaves fall silent, used to come and go see who rejoices with, and in with us. Think much, with rain go to stray, if not input stream, also want to appreciate the indulgence of the moment, drinks the no-clasp smoothly; Go wandering, as the rain, even if not out of the city, also want to meet the comfort of freedom, oil paintings to smell the wild fragrance; Go wandering, as the rain, even if lost in the move, also want to break the confusion of mind, relief the publicizing of deposit!

Always want to seize the dream hand, flying in the autumn night, flying over the lonely, ran to the interstellar prosperous; Dawn over apathy, blend in photo to canvas, warmth, and the wind has told me that the night is lonely, but vision is worth looking forward to the dawn; Autumn is cool, but the heart of hope is warm,,,,,,, This is more than a season, the wind and rain are missing photos to canvas, indexing, as long as the wind and rain, always can activate the multitude of missing tentacles, spreading, unable to stop;

This is a harvest season, no matter what kind of attitude you ever to sow, but now, you can only to harvest a kind of attitude, you have the right to choose, but can’t change the outcome; This is a sow gale prints season, success and failure, gain and loss, is a kind of harvest, failure is the nutrition, success is a seed, in the next autumn, you will reap endless joy! Heart heat, meet with the cold autumn night, seemingly inconsequential encounter, are able to merge the most glorious chapter of beauty, dazzle without resonant oath, don’t forget the scene, so let the juices flowing, like the heart favorable, freeness

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