I care about your art prints on canvas

I care about your art prints on canvas

I care about your art prints on canvas

Fifty at four o ‘clock in the afternoon and arranged to meet at the gate of the great. I saw you across the road; you’re wearing a [expression], photo black canvas UK tights, canvas prints australia online and black skirt. Close to skirt the length of the jacket, see you I’m not quite sure is you, then close to is you, are you still complaining I didn’t bring an umbrella. I said I came out, there is no rain. Looking at how are you thin, I also laugh at you I printing artwork arm quickly caught your thick thighs. I ask you now have multiple, New Year’s Day when you said Nine more than 10 Jims, I look at you are thin, said a moment to weigh. Behind the pharmacy said you only have 84 Jims, you also don’t know how to suddenly lost so much.

We walked and said. Day drift have rain at this moment, canvas factory is not big. You very solemnly said pollution in Chongqing, said one of the four major pollution in Chongqing city, one of the world’s top 10 cities, these I also don’t really know. The artwork on canvas is acid rain, you use your bag on your head block rain, I said no, so I also the cart twice, but still you want on your head. You told me to carry an umbrella, I didn’t bring, I said I don’t have an umbrella, canvas has just brought from home umbrella is broken, it was rain when I come back the holiday mother pick me a hand. Then you said to buy a hand. You picked a few places, picked out a black umbrella, folding umbrella. Then you said to eat things, I said it’s early for a while, you take me to Sichuan beautiful rape flowers.

Walk in Sichuan and beauty, the flowering rape has almost passed, but there are a lot of flowers. We are all in his canvas images school environment is not here, also smiled and said; if you know the environment you will be double Study hard, ha. I ask you why high school does not have and I choose together, you said to me that school at that time only on a common custom photo class, to the school to attend experimental classes. At least, is good, I in the same town, I didn’t say much. I had meant to be photographed, not rape, is what want to leave with your mobile phone, but you didn’t allow me to use my phone take your art canvas’ photos. Because you said your photo using my mobile phone in my mobile phone is bad. I heard my in the mind also don’t know is what feeling, you want to use my cell phone photos to me, I didn’t promise, I said where I let you take pictures very uncomfortable, you said that you are also very uncomfortable. Finally I use your photos printed onto canvas phone took a to you, you put the scissors hand, I took a, because your cell phone off the water screen has some not clear, the mobile phone is my last semester I insist that you come to see me in the use, the original your mobile phone is very bad, I stick with my millet mobile phone. Although only a millet mobile phone, but I still want to share I have wall art photography to you. In fact I would like to take a photo together, not for other, just want to leave something. But I didn’t say with you.

The Sichuan beauty on the way you see the prints already dead under the tree for a nice wall flowers stood looking down at where I also accompany you for a long time to stand a while before she left. You said you only 5 dollars in my pocket, I want to go to take money, then I take you to the bank of China took one hundred Yuan. I say to you my pocket is only one hundred and fifty Yuan, one hundred Yuan or out in the school. After get the money then you buy a dish in the next room steamed stuffed bun, I took a bottle of coke, due to change the new packaging not you like gale packaging printers, you check again when you need to change, but have no you like packing, so we have to forget about it. You got the half steamed stuffed bun say to eat for me, I didn’t eat I can give you to eat.

An umbrella with me together we go to eat on the way you put my photo on canvas that delicious rice noodle, taste is what you choose, ordered a spicy and clear soup. We eat together. We are chatting while eating rice noodle is delicious, we eat very open heart. After eating, we went to a snack shop, do you see those exquisite packaging putting photo on canvas sugar, good look really beautiful packed and Australia import snacks. It is expensive. In snack shop for a while, we have a lot of things you want to buy, but is very expensive, chose but some expensive, no to. You say buy some do tomorrow how to transfer photos to canvas, breakfast we bought a little came out.

Out of the snack shop you can’t wait open out to eat, you say is very good, also give me half the sugar. I say we go to the movies, you very happy being canvas pictures said yes, you really want to see the movie; I also want to go to the movies with you. You said it was the fourth time you go to the movies; I was the first time to go to the movies. At 7 o ‘clock, we went to the cinema to 20 more. Do you want to see Cinderella, but you saw the department would like to see being photo on canvas to corps. You ask what I want to see what I said what you want to see, you finally decided to see the beast corps, bought two tickets to sit down for student id card a total of 100 Yuan, what do you say you. I also feel very expensive, but, but can be very happy and you see a movie, especially for the first time I was watching movies, I think it’s acceptable your photo on canvas being.

We sat there, and so on time, you said you want to eat popcorn, and then you go to buy a barrel, in front of me, say to buy me, I was very happy. I ask you how much money a barrel, some prevaricated, you don’t want to say, I think really ask it again, say not good expensive, 16 Yuan. My heart is not the taste, but I am very touched. The art and prints we don’t have much money in my pocket. I took one hundred and fifty Yuan of money to buy an umbrella seventeen Yuan. Eat rice noodle you pay money, more than thirty, and ten Yuan snack shop, our artist canvases money didn’t have much left. We talk to you over the weekend in a part-time job, I know you, I seriously ask you last semester you gave you how much the cost of living in the home, you all, more than one thousand. I heard the in the mind very uncomfortable, said not to come out feeling. I know your home to your canvas and canvas art is not much money but also did not expect will be few. I also know that your family is very complex, parents all have their own family, your mama don’t care you. Your father is good for you, but is limited to this, I say if I will not so. I can understand your photo canvas wall, part-time job very hard over the weekend, all must depend on oneself. I seriously said to you that time you give I said, you say I give you said, what’s the use is not the same, I said I can accompany you feel hard personalized canvas photo of life. A Mao Yong you say, I know not, I do also can’t help you now. Although so, but you still live so happy. I’m a little love dearly. I know it is not easy to earn money, never lavish with money. After we said with a smile let another person who developed the thighs, we must all say this is the canvas on sale. Ha. We [expression] at least most of the time we live is very happy.

Our popcorn is almost ate a lot, you said you buy a bucket of popcorn comes into play. For a while you are holding a VAT of popcorn, with two glasses of coke, so we went in to see us print your photos on canvas. Movie is very good-looking, stupid to light, let’s all of us laugh so happy, see touched sad plot you find where I took a piece of paper towel wipe tears quietly, I look at you, I only keep silent. Finished the movie, you still immersed in the sad atmosphere, you see the last only we two also come out in the end, we don’t have to go out, can you hear the sound and took me to see another play hall canvas print UK film, put the Cinderella, just put with the help of magic Cinderella and the prince had a good night, but soon after midnight, magic is about to disappear, Cinderella in tension is not willing to say goodbye to the prince, faster speed of left again to return the ordinary Cinderella, Cinderella is, the prince is sad.

Here we don’t have a look, then again sometime later, he came out of him. To do bus print photos on canvas UK road just after the flower beds, not the people around you, you will linger on in years, do you want to go pick two, hesitated for a long time, our two secretly quickly with mud out of the two, the roots out I told you to pack a bag Go out again, you don’t promise, so I quickly make a bag, you carefully photo onto canvas UK put it in, because it has flowers. Installed we just run away, run away, you see, you again in another bed see some open bright flowers, you have picked a flower, I hurry you ran, go we are making flowers’ you really dare to go all the way all the way on, one thousand being seen not good, run way.

Take things held it quickly ran away. Ran all the way you laugh very happy, very happy laughter. Finally we picked three altogether, and finally gives a flower to me, you hurriedly pulled again before I came to a flower shop, flower shop just in tidy up thing to prepare is closed, we picked out two POTS, one of us a, your photos into canvas art is big, want to install two, because we put the flowers out of his pocket, you can see there is a flower is broken, you so sad, I also feel good regret. I saw the flowers you see the broken there are two, also can open, just happy. We installed the flowers; you take that off the flowers to put in my turning photos into canvas, but suddenly found that flowers are white, you gave up, said wear white is not good, and then plug it in your flower pot, bright can at least a few hours.

You call me out his phone and took two photos, the flowers bloom very bright beautiful, photos on canvas just like we had the mood. Very happy! We came to a bus turn photo into canvas painting, we do the same bus, but it is in the opposite direction, your car to the first, you said to me, do you want to send me get on the bus? I said yes. I send you get on the bus. You are to me I need to go to the opposite of the car, after you go, I go by car.


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