About eight-point night with the film photography

About eight-point night with the film photography

About eight-point night with the film photography

Through bradycardia pace, with subtle observations can occur when the decisive moment, the use of the hands of the camera faithfully recorded, canvas prints nz which is tantamount to capture the essence lies. Just past is often put forward to explore, and mostly during the day, at night you do not fit with the film’s subject? In fact, as long as the bold use of digital cameras in high sensitivity, and to detect the light source on the streets, and then add a bit creative ingenuity on the night with the film can capture good photographs, the following will share with you eight Highlights of the night with the film to break the preconceived notions Hello everybody.

Shooting at night with the film’s basic settings
Shooting Mode: Aperture-Priority Auto
Aperture: F2.5~8
ISO sensitivity: 4000 so far
WB: With scene change
Video Format: RAW + JPEG
Shooting, Commentary: Sasaki Keita

▲ Giza night showcase in the city streets and people walking caught my eye. In fact, I was waiting for the arrival of this moment. All concentrated in the spirit of pan-focus techniques using the opportunity to capture the screen.
DATA: OLYMPUS PEN E-PM2, Body CapLen (30mm), the program automatically (F8,1 / 25 Miao), -07EV, WB: Automatic, ISO3200, cheap canvas prints negative effects of printing II + pinhole effect.

▲ Yokohama night. While waiting for a long time, but that no one appeared. In order to make the sky after the sun goes down can also show colors by adjusting the white balance by the way, ultimately, night photography to create a unique flavor.
DATA: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm F1.8 (34mm), Aperture-Priority Auto (F2.5,1 / 40 Miao), -0.3EV, WB: 3100K, ISO4000, multiple exposures.

01. High Sensitivity + with the possibility of shooting
the film is basically a way of hand-held photography taken with a tripod with a careful way to confirm the image before shooting different. Most foreign will ‘Candid Photography’ call it, metal printing candid itself with honest, straightforward meaning, just for the film on behalf of such direct use of light to take photos of the scene style.

In Chinese with the beat of the word where it is included in the meaning of freedom, so this shooting techniques, each person has a different view, shooting style is also quite diverse. While with the film’s scope is quite broad, but the core idea is the same, and that is to capture the spot that makes his heart screen.

Again, how through the screen allows the viewer to experience the constant move, but also the focus of the shooting. In order to shoot more in line with the spirit, of course, to avoid developing modified afterwards through the photos.

Even if you want to use art filters and other digital video effects, please directly with the shooting moment. For this type of shot, the possibility of high-sensitivity, is to ensure that use of available light scenes and images taken expressions become more diverse and free.

02. Night with the film’s charm and style
Night with the film’s charm, is a variety of strange and bustling scene. Street in the dim light which emerges, people always looks forward to endless.

Although sometimes I will be attracted to the beautiful dazzling lighting, but with the film from the perspective of the various bustling and exotic scenery in fact more attractive. However, with the promotion of high sensitivity performance, even in some obscure conditions, relying on the digital camera can capture sharp photos. Although the single point of view on the quality is really quite beautiful, but at night with the film, it becomes less so a unique style charm, this part of the photographer to rely on technology to moderately added.

Like when rendered aesthetic lighting, will deliberately with a soft focus lens so the image appears slightly fogging phenomenon, shoot at night with the film, too, through the vibration of blurred images but can show a sense of prosperity, so even with a high-sensitivity setting fixed, people will deliberately to choose the shutter speed a little fuzzy vibration. As part of the peculiar nature, it is through the color change will be initiated. As described above, the focus of the night with the film, that is bustling with a strange sense of performance skills.

03. Fuzzy control characters vibration case
I think with a little point portrait vibration fuzzy feeling. More will be at night with the film’s atmosphere. The reason why there is such a concept, in fact, is drawn from a particular time of the shooting experience. Then I use the excellent performance of a section of the high-sensitivity of the camera, with a large aperture lens, shooting in the corner between the people of the night. Because the shutter speed is fast, so people still showing a clear image, but with the shooting, the heart can not tell there is always an uncomfortable feeling in my slowing down the shutter speed, so that people somewhat fuzzy vibration, the overall image it looks more in line with their own inner corner of the night expectations and imagination.

The reason why there helps to ensure a feeling, in fact, because the naked eye when viewed in landscape, if the amount of light in which the scene than during the day weak, the action figures easily with blur. Ever since this experience, when shooting at night around the corner, I will be a little bit lower shutter speed.

Basically, the shutter speed can be set to 1/10 seconds, and in this setting, despite the fact that people see clearly the feet when walking, but also with a vibration fuzzy feeling, coupled with action figures after fine-tuning.

▲ Look very happy people back. Side with railing fixed body, while suppressing departing light and multiple exposure shooting photos. In order to create an atmosphere of dialogue people happy, deliberately turning orange hue with a warm feeling. –www.fsbus.com
DATA: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm F1.8 (34mm), Aperture-Priority Auto (F2.5,1 / 50 Miao), -0.3EV, WB: 9800K, ISO4000, multiple exposures.

04. Night Pan focus technology with the beat
As I continued to explore strange night with the film work, I met OLYMPUS Body Cap Lens bcl-1580, which is a focal length of 15mm, aperture is fixed at F8 fixed focus lens, quite unique specifications. Because it was originally a M4 / 3 cameras, so the viewing angle is equivalent to 30mm in 35mm format conversion under. In addition, it does not have auto-focus feature, you must manually, by means of the operating lever to adjust the focus, you need to use the time to understand and habits.

To be able to use the depth of field F8 pan-focus photography, the operating lever attached to the above scale, the operation is fairly smooth smoothly. Since the purchase of the camera after this, I opened the pan-focus at night with the best of life.

In low light the night than during the day, the cause why the aperture can shrink to a degree pan-focus photography, all rely on high-speed camera performance up a notch. Although it is a high-sensitivity, taking into consideration the need to vibrate slightly fuzzy images of people at night with the film only with the set value of ISO thousands, tens of thousands without having to use high-sensitivity of ISO, make sure you have the opportunity to try to see .

05. Pan focus and blind shot Skills
The so-called pan-focus, depth of field is a use of the performance, so the overall screen image is in focus shooting style. Use a wide-angle lens, the aperture to F8 to shrink more, and then lock the distance 2 ~ 3m on the subject, will be able to capture even the background is out of focus photos.

When the sensitivity is a fixed value, using the pan-focus technique requires a certain degree the amount of light, so make the shutter speed slower to follow. Although pan-focus photography is landscape photography among common shooting style, but even with the film’s usually selected in bright daylight, and the shutter chance because the emphasis on shooting, so sometimes blind with wide-angle lens for shooting skills.

For me personally, if took the corner of blind pan-focus photography, it looks as if photographed, so I rarely use this way with the film. Even this night job with the film, the process is indeed holding the camera before shooting.

Therefore, even if have to use a good anti-shake function, I also hope to set easy to blur the image vibration shutter speed, and rightfully hold the camera with both hands again after the shooting.

06. Handheld camera with multiple exposure night with the beat
With the development of technology with the best at night, there is such a feature of the use of multiple exposure shooting technique. The main purpose is to show the night variability. Such as the use of lighting replacement soft focus effect, and focus, so that the image aligned deliberately out of focus sharp and clear image overlay, is one of the basic skills of multiple exposure photography.

Regardless of the fact that starting from the film camera era, will use the same technique in shooting with a tripod photography which, however, is now bold attempt to hand-held. If the possibility of pursuing a handheld photography standpoint, really gives some cool feeling, but in fact the first opportunity to try, because the method is contingent we do not have a tripod must be taken.

The most important key is that when shooting in focus and out of focus image, composition aspect cannot deviate too much. Once the composition too much difference between the two is obvious and fuzzy images will not be aligned, thereby allowing the entire photo to bring people a sense of incongruity. As for the shooting tips that feel really relaxes with a fixed camera. If just started trying, you may wish to utilize railings and other fixed objects or camera body.

▲ Harijan evening. While observing people walked through, while waiting for an opportunity to kill. In front of the alley are among the famous muffin shop, you may wish to catch this opportunity under the picture number of sheets, after then pick out satisfactory work.
DATA: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Fisheye Body CapLen (18mm F8), the program automatically (F8,1 / 30 Miao), + 2.3EV, WB: the Shadow, ISO4000, special effects processing.

07. Pan focus high tone with the film (+ dusk fisheye shot)
Fisheye be generally divided into two types, one is the diagonal fisheye lens, it has a viewing angle of 180 degrees, you can shoot a strong curved image, the other is able to capture images of the circular circumference of fishing glasses head.

This time using the Angle Lens 140 degrees OLYMPUS Fisheye Body Cap LensBCL-0980. Body Cap Lens earlier in this chapter it is the same product does not have autofocus, aperture is fixed at F8. Pan Focus can also be used to shoot photos. Fisheye most popular in the sense that it is the kind of unique images depicting the effect, coupled with fairly wide viewing angle, allowing many objects together into the mirror. It is necessary to pay more attention to the arrangement of the screen. In this, I personally use a high-tone techniques and special effects to do with treatment.

High tone is adjusted to the exposure to +1 state level, so the image becomes brighter expression. Shooting focus is to grasp the theme of the composition on the screen which looks most striking moment, and pay attention to the subtle state. +1 if the exposure level is not enough, then boldly adopted +2 exposure it.
▲ When strolling alley found kalian. Performance against the wide-angle fisheye lens, it is not difficult to make the atmosphere around them into the photo. In order to avoid a fisheye lens so the image bending effect is too strong, it is recommended to pull a slight distance before taking the photo.
DATA: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10, Fisheye Body Cap Lens (18mm F8), the program automatically (F8,1 / 13 Miao), + 2EV, WB: the Shadow, ISO4000, special effects processing.
08. Evening with the film’s soft charm
If the usual high-tone photo, even if the aperture is fixed at F8, not necessarily to use high sensitivity settings. Photo used here are taken in the evening, in the evening with a soft light which point, in order to arbitrarily high colors with hand-held photography fashion photo shoot, with high sensitivity required for the secondary.

Evening low light, people feel is a very smooth and peaceful period. If no one is shooting around the corner, under the irradiation of the dim light, the image will bring people leisurely atmosphere. And with respect to the passage of time in the evening, people going home, and thinking about where to go next play and feel excited people, and sometimes they look more rapid action than during the day.

If you simply just made into the immediate landscape photos, compared to the evening show unique gentle charm, contrast poor and weak, feeling inadequate degree of suction eye image would be more intense. In actual shooting, it might add the same photo as an example of the change, make the image realistic escape, should be more in line with a unique atmosphere in the evening this time zone. You may wish to pick up the camera. Try to look at the performance of these techniques now.

▲ Bicycle parked on the ground. This photo alone is not a strong tension, but if did with other photos, you can become a quiet atmosphere make people feel the charm of the shooting scene photos.
DATA: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10, Fisheye Body Cap Lens (18mm F8), the program automatically (F8,1 / 80 Miao), + 2EV, WB: the Shadow, ISO4000, special effects processing.

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