Fine macro spray photo and shooting technique

Fine macro spray photo and shooting technique

Fine macro spray photo and shooting technique

Canadian photographers Corley White and the majority of users to share a set of spray her photography – ‘water fun. These photos are excellent, canvas factory instant spray splashes, just like a piece of fine crystal gemstone art. White with extremely simple equipment, complete these amazing pictures at her home. See them, you would think this is a sea of mica, forest mushrooms, dazzling diamonds . Like a fairytale.

White in their own kitchen, canvas prints australia equipped with a complete set of the entire ‘water fun’ shooting.

Photographer Secret

There are many fans emailed me and asked me how to shoot water droplets, slipt photo canvas prints with what machines, what methods used.

  1. I use the machine is a Canon 50D, Canon 100mm macro lens, flash Canon 430EXII, 1/30 shutter, aperture f16, ISO400.
  2. I use a variety of containers to capture water droplets: goblets, ordinary glasses, bowls, flat chassis and so on. If you have a reflection, then you need larger containers.
  3. For the flow of liquid, I usually use a mixture of water and milk. Milk is easier to use because it is denser than water flows more slowly. There is hot water flow faster.
  4. For color, I usually use a variety of food materials. Coffee, red wine, soy sauce, fruit juice, all of life, some has tried.
  5. The ambient light should be set to the darkest, because in such an environment, the flash can be a good way to capture the moment of solidification. Shutter speed varies greatly, but I recommend using a low speed. Droplets are generally fast, so I use a short-timer, and flash down ahead of the upcoming 2 drops of water droplets.

This is the method I used, but an interesting attempt.

If you are interested, you can try hands

  1. The first ready a basin for holding water. Above the washbasin hung a hose (also available under the tap, but tend to be too close to the wall faucet, room for maneuver is small. Therefore, less convenient) Of course, you have to shoot colored water, you can add different pigment.
  2. Then adjust the height and size of the water droplets tube, in general, some small water droplets is better, it will bounce back to the water droplets falling on the water, otherwise, because of the surface tension of water and its own gravity, it is difficult from jumping out of the water.
  3. When water droplets fall to determine a good location, and then to focus. Since it is difficult to focus directly on the water droplets, can be a fine straight pole placed across the basin, then moved closer to the water droplets falling place, than to be very accurate position, and then focus the pole, so that we can accurately focus a.
  4. In addition, in order to make a clear image capture water droplets, background processing is also critical. After testing, it is best to flash photography in dark environments. Prior to the rise of water droplets in place to put a colored cloth as a background, so you can make droplets more prominent and clear.
  5. If your macro lens is not enough, consider adding extension rings (extender). Of course, this shot is certainly needed after repeated comparison test, in order to obtain crystal clear water droplets.

Two drops of water shooting method. Forming a spout at a first bit, the second drop and drop into a splash on the spout like an umbrella. In Riga dripping container of milk and a little red foodstuff in the container is received blue water.

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