plagued the photographic predecessors

Four questions make the photographic predecessors in trouble

Four questions make the photographic predecessors in trouble

In the process of learning photography, whether online or in real life, we will encounter predecessors to ask when, canvas prints au in particular, to see good works, you will usually ask the photographer what kind of problem? ‘What is your equipment? ‘. ‘What parameters you shoot? ‘ If this is the issue, foreign photographer Jenna Martin suggested not ask better, and teaches photography for everyone to learn more helpful question is asked, Check it out together!

Talk is an art. Photography learning process, we will ask for predecessors when it came, australia canvas prints online especially when saw in good works, they certainly want to know how they are to capture this picture. However, how often you ask? Ever ask questions, but found predecessors seemed pained look like? It does not want to ask questions the way out of the problem?

American photographer Jenna Martin would be to ask her personal experience, panoramic photo canvas prints summed up the four novice friends very often ask, but in fact may not be learning photography for much help, or may make some of the problems NG photographer feel troubled, and offered a better question is asked, for the majority of novice friends as a reference.

‘Is this what the camera shot? ‘
When looking at photographs, for curious photographers used equipment is inevitable, but when you ask this question, ever thought about why they would like to raise this question? Jenna Martin novices understand some friends wanted to talk predecessors and equipment, but this method is very easy to ask to get answers to just a camera model, and if some of the older generation do not realize that you really want to hear him talk about further equipment selection, or you do not go deeper into his words, the problem becomes evident not make sense for both parties to be so.

Indeed, how many will use its camera work presents the state of some relationship, but photographers, they want to be compared to draw attention to the skill or concept of creation itself, rather than just the equipment itself. And the novice who, alone know what the photographer and the camera cannot learn anything, after all, not everyone with the same camera, you can shoot the same effect.

Want to make photography predecessors share some equipment selection preferences, rather than just throw a foreign problem, Jenna Martin together with a recommendation, ‘This is what the equipment taken? ‘; ‘Compared to other cameras, why would you choose this? Taiwan it ‘hearing this, seniors may be able to provide you more messages, such as this is a full-frame camera, shoot out the effect will be better; I would choose this brand because I like it beat out the color, the system operation is relatively simple and so, when talk enthusiastically, you are more likely to share with others he felt good camera equipment, allowing you to receive more information about the camera.

‘May I ask what parameters to set this picture are? ‘
Learn a shooting parameters works, more or less can be used as a reference set of scenes, but in fact, sometimes the shooting scene lighting variables are very large, so the shooting parameters of the reference value are limited to some extent by. Jenna Martin thought it was like you enjoyed a delicious dessert, they want their home to definitive answers, but it did not ask the complete production process and how to choose the ingredients, but it just asks the oven temperature set much the same. Works to ask for their predecessors parameter value set by the camera, it is better to ask seniors how they conceived this picture.

In this case, the answer will not only stay in the F1.8,1 / 200s, monotonous values ??Such ISO100, from his predecessors may be the beginning of the idea of ??the desired effect, the scene comes to shooting conditions encountered any situation, Finally, the use of a certain pattern that he set an aperture value of the shutter, the camera sensitivity by the judgment, from which you are more likely to understand the way they respond in the face of a variety of shooting situation will be taken, and this is generally lower than parameter values ??From dry to set more worth remembering.

‘I ask this how your PS ah? Or what filters applied? ‘
After shooting in the chat thing. Then you may want to talk about after the predecessor’s system, to see if they have nothing to learn and share experiences. But when you speak and asked. ‘You made after how ah? To this effect how to use Photoshop tune? Or what filters applied? ‘ I’m afraid predecessors and am reluctant to meet. Do not know how to answer. Not to say that can not please predecessors sharing some experience post-production technology, has just asked seemed too ‘aggressive’, a bit like a home run to the famous lo mei shop, and the boss said, ‘This lo good taste, you can put the marinade recipe tell me? ‘Like, but easily lead to vigilance predecessors or resentment.

After all, in the modern post-production for digital photography, the photographer is an important skill, not to say do not want to share predecessors, so just ask Da Lala, is it hopes predecessors hands step by step to post-production steps to tell you? Furthermore, post-production photographers uniform for different works, there will be varying degrees of post-production adjustments, rather than San Liangxia can handle full picture section, but not as in a mobile phone APP convenient to apply filters.

So, another question is called upon it mildly! Jenna Martin explained. If the ‘Can we talk about post-production with the painting of it? ‘ Question, it sounds better, at least let predecessors feel, because you know he works there are some post-production in knowledge, so that they are so ask him, not only that the effect of his work is a set of filters on the phone can be achieved, there is feeling of being respected. At this time, he might tell you he has to do to adjust the areas in which, as part of the tone curve to adjust the colors; with a highlight, the Burn Tool tinkers.

‘What is Bokeh? What is zoom? Automatic and manual modes worse off? ‘
When asked about the predecessors of these categories comparable basis issues, suggest that you first ask Google to find masters or other information discovered after doing homework when she was still does not understand, ask again predecessors more appropriate. Now online sharing of information on the basics of photography, many, many also graphic and Syria to help people easier to understand, but it will certainly run into some of the more difficult or partial concept and practice type operation, then if seniors can understand when HELP would be better to give, but only if you still want to own the first round of study. Even go to school. Many teachers still hope that students can come to school the first preview, so that efficiency will be better, learn photography as well.

When seniors consult an intellectual problem, Jenna Martin suggests that you begin with this:? ‘Can I trouble you to explain the concept of the aperture does although I found on the Internet a lot of information, but in fact I was a little confused… can trouble you pointers about right? ‘Or even directly pointed it difficult to understand the part. I believe that a lot of seniors who will be happy for your doubts or to discuss more in-depth concept.

Finally, Jenna Martin hope that in the process of learning, or to make a lot of their own questions, do not be afraid, while more than four and summed up the problem NG photographer chat, really would like to make reference practice, and really there from predecessors for more useful tips and knowledge. Although some foreign friends that, as a senior professional and novice photographers who should be more considerate questioning friends and hear the answer they want to know, for help, but can not require that each senior can think, after all, not with photography classes or lectures. As a side question, if we can be more skilled to ask questions and give attention to respect for each other, presumably predecessors will be happy to share some experiences with you more, or discuss photography it!

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