get good pictures during a concert

How to get good pictures during a concert

How to get good pictures during a concert
Many people want to attend the concert, a great atmosphere, stunning sound effects are addictive. But if you go with a camera, canvas prints au usually they have no good works. Because most of the live scene lighting is very dark, with the vagaries of stage lighting, the crowds, to shoot excellent works it is definitely a challenging difficult thing. Today will tell you how to make a good concert. Let your beloved singers, bands can be fine display in your photo.

First, the pre-warn

In general, the domestic venues are not forbidden to take pictures or video, but if you are in foreign countries, Hong Kong or Macao and Taiwan, please remember to find out before the show date specified venues, generally can be learned through the ticket information, canvas austrralia ticketing site It is prohibited places like photography or video equipment, or else, when you can not go to the scene when Kusi no use, let alone take pictures. In addition to the above circumstances, as long as you got some unique concert shooting skills, you can take your camera for your memories!

Second, the appropriate exposure

In low light effect it is very difficult to take a decent photo, but with a tripod or flash lights do not control the scene of large practical, so you need to consider other alternatives. The first thing you should try to use the maximum aperture (f / 2.8-f / 4). Allows enough light into the camera. If your camera metering function, then a little on the best, spot metering can be given a precise light level degree, as long as the point aligned with the singer’s face, though.

Third, avoid obscuring

Low-light conditions most likely to blur, because this time the shutter speed is slow, again, if you’re at the concert, the stage was walking regularly in photographs more easily blurred. So, to try to leave the crowd, your own ‘status’ stabilized, in addition, try to adjust your camera settings to the most appropriate parameter field, for example, will increase to approximately 800 ISO or shutter speed comparison the case can accept as much as possible to increase your aperture.

Fourth, moving scenes

If you are in concert, then there is a good way to capture the scene is to slow the shutter speed to 1 / 30-1 / 60s (generally the case, is in line to be tested whether the site). In general, the bands will be accompanied by cool lighting effects add to the fun, if you catch the rhythm of quasi lighting effects show, it is not difficult to take good pictures, of course, the premise is you have to properly hold on your camera. There is a small way to be useful to capture the performance of the sports scene. Called slow sync. ‘Slow Synchro’ will delay the release of the digital camera’s shutter speed, flash to illuminate foreground, with a slow shutter speed to soft background exposure. When you set Slow sync when you have two options, one is front curtain synchronization, is a second-curtain, 1st curtain sync will illuminate the subject while the overall picture will be brighter, rear-curtain sync can shoot well and it will shoot the subject lower body moving ghost.

Fifth, shooting silhouette

If you’re in a very dark place, capturing the crowds feel the outline is a nifty thing. In very bright stage, audience area very dark situation, use a wide angle, the aperture open in the (f / 2.8 – f / 4) range, turn off the flash, with spot metering or multi-zone metering mode, focus on in the darkness of the crowd, and then press the shutter bravely! Like on the map as a grid has forced silhouette photo came out.

Six laser scene

Usually flash will ruin the performance of the laser effects, so when you want to select a high ISO, the range is about 800-3200, transferred to the aperture (f / 4 – f / 8), if you keep the camera does not move, it is likely you will shoot a very nice track.

Seven recommendations setpoint

Debugging camera parameters when shooting the concert will be very important. The key is a nice photo at least in part, bright, not messy pile color. In concert ISO 800 and raised a large aperture f / 2.8 is ideal, you can also use a wide angle lens and a shutter speed of 1/160 second, and if so it is difficult to take a clear picture, we can consider slow sync flash, although when the film will be a slight delay, but the effect will be slightly better.

Eight, equipment recommended

an aperture can reach f / 1.4 or 1.8, high-quality 50mm lens or a 17 mm-28mm wide-angle lens is a good device. The telephoto lens problem is that they need more light than the wide angle and standard lenses. In concert, they are usually hand-held camera, lighting conditions are not good, unless you use very expensive lenses are usually easily blurred or photo, professional IS lens is handy, but the prices are high.
IX. Conclusion

Shooting concert is a fun and exciting thing, even though the concert is never a good shot type.  the show looks good, then we should advance the process of contact, multi-point to go out in the evening to take pictures so that they are accustomed to the low light camera tricks environment. If you cannot clear picture, remember that a primary principle, that is, increase the aperture, adjusted to high sensitivity, wide angle lens or a 50mm fixed focus lens. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy the music while keeping your sharp eyes to catch a wide variety of photo opportunities, though looking around at a concert is hard, but your camera ready, always remember your camera mission!

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