The high-profile front lighting technique in portrait photography

The high-profile front lighting technique in portrait photography

The high-profile front lighting technique in portrait photography

In this article, we discuss one of the commonly used light types in spring and summer.  High profile along the light is suitable for spring and summer of a form of lighting, almost any clothing texture can use this type of light.

NO.1 the basic characteristics of high-profile suitable light

Suitable light also called “front light”, refers to the projection direction of the light and shooting direction roughly the same light. Front lighting, your subject is uniform illumination, character’s shadow was blocked by its own characters, tone is soft. Suitable light clap was taken on the surface of the body surface texture and easily restore color well. This light model can show the comfortable environment atmosphere, but also can fully characterizes each detail of the characters, such as delicate skin, makeup, etc.

High-profile front lighting gives people with light, purity, relaxed, lively feeling. According to different content, the suitable light picture message to the person’s emotional color also will be different. In general, scenery photography and commercial photography involved in the quiet, simple but elegant, clean the image of style, use a softer, more even and bright light. Suitable light shooting is the basic form of photography, has its irreplaceable advantages, such as: with blue skies, or green grass as background, will make the colour in the picture looks clear Ming yan. Because the light is enough smooth, can the background appear bright-coloured and lively. Front lighting although very good master, but some problems also pay special attention to: when your subject by light and shadow is cast on the back of the invisible, photographs, often is easier than primary and secondary points, lack of space and depth of objects and stereo feeling of dimensional administrative levels. At the same time lead to the lack of light and shade change colour in the picture, photo is flat out straight. So, in order to make up for the suitable light cannot very good performance before and after space and scene easily overlapping faults, when shooting can be darker subject with bright background, or the body of the bright with dark background, contrast enhance expressive force of the image. In addition also can make the actual using the lens depth of field effect relationship, or before and after the use of scenery brightness difference caused by projection, to solve the suitable light scenery lack of depth.

  1. Outdoor lighting

In outdoor light processing, sometimes the weaker front lighting as a pair of light use, but if outdoor along the light, the light is too strong, will try to adjust the camera to weaken the influence of light.

  1. Metering

Using a high profile shot, all objects will be clearly displayed in the eyes. Exposure control is easy, for digital SLR camera, filming the scenery along the light environment, as long as you use the average exposure metering can get ideal effect.

In the portrait photography lighting direction and method of high-profile suitable light

No.2 high-profile front lighting, indoor artificial light

In the shadows, those made front lighting atmosphere with studio lighting and its common light type has the following kinds.

1, the straight light

In front side characters, a lamp high-power flash light, the light is not only used for light, and background. This kind of light type is more suitable for clothing profile contracted light-colored clothing. General light ratio 1:2. 5. Note: figures in dark parts need to use reflector to fill light.

2, soft light and side light

At the same time of relative manufacturing of weak light, add a soft side suitable light lighting, this type of light can well express the space is concise, suitable clothing line design is contracted. Note: modified model surface light, the details of the suction plate can be placed in the dark, increase the shadow to emphasize the facial texture.

3, a little light with the side light

This kind of light type is more suitable for suit need to highlight the simple sense such as clothing. More positive for the light is not easy to appear shadow on fabrics, clothing appears smooth and atmosphere. General light ratio 1:2. 5. Note: the darker the shadow is very small, so the basic no longer need to fill light.

4, than the side light and diffuse light

This kind of light type is more suitable for large color piece, simple lines of clothing. Note: soft diffuse light from the rear and front main light values, to pay attention to the index before and after the addition, photometric shadow no longer need to use reflector fill light.

5, tiny light than the side light mixed diffuse light

This kind of light type is more suitable for garment colour lively, clipping simple clothes. Light ratio of 1:1. 5. Note: use pure light easily on the background of the side left a deep shadow, and don’t feel, spring and summer clothing frivolous quality of a material at this moment need to diffuse light to weaken the shadow.

No.3 the diffuse light, natural light shooting

Shooting in the light can make a clear and bright effect. But as if the sun’s height is too high will be very distracting, and subject hair shade will cast a shadow on the face, this is not conducive to shoot. But when shooting Angle of the sun is about 35 °, in this time will be very convenient.

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