How to shoot a beautiful photo

How to shoot a beautiful photo

How to shoot a beautiful photo

Do you often see other people do not have the feeling of sudden photo shoot, print on canvas au  like the emblem of the emblem of the emblem of how can go out a thousand words? Photography is an art, shoot out is to record a story, you learn how to shoot this photo? Here are some minor tips, hoping to lead you step by step into the realm of photography!

First, start with a simple start
If you want to get a picture, you may want to start with a simple story, such as a later reflection on the ground, a dark corner, or a passing child holding a balloon. Photos are too complex and too many elements, but the reader is very difficult to understand the meaning behind the photo.

Second, let the photos have a clear theme
Another important trick is to get your photos to show a clear theme – what do readers think of when they see a photo? What do photographers plan on getting back together with photos? In addition to things inside the photos, the book will have another more in-depth significance? These can be pointed out when we shoot.

Third, looking for light and shadow
Shooting is to record light and shadow, if you want the photo more ‘artistic’, you can try to look for light and shadow contrast to shoot – light and shadow contrast scene, silhouette effect, high light or low light category Of the photos is also a good attempt.
Fourth, let color change
Color can make a photo to express a completely different effects, such as yellowish brown with a convex vomit dust foolishly Chennai collapse blue partial green very toy camera or LOMO feeling, of course, can be added in the post-production software, some light leakage Effect (mobile APP often have!), These different color performance can also bring a stronger picture mood.

Fifth, bold composition
In the art of shooting mood pictures, may wish to boldly to composition, different angles, farther, closer, or put the object in the middle of the photo, the bottom of the ‘normal’ shooting will not do, but as long as your photos Including the first to the third point, often out of the effect is not bad!

6, forget the ‘traditional’, Xpress shot
Forget all the composition techniques, aperture, shutter, ISO, etc., you can even put the camera transferred to the P / auto mode, the intention to put through photos to express the meaning of the letter. Now in the digital age, there is no expensive price to shoot a photo, as long as they like the heart shot, multi-point try to be able to better grasp the ‘mood’ photos of the skills! –

In order to make a photo, we have to practice more than just taking photos from other photographers. We can also carry a portable camera (mobile phone) and see the interesting little things. Shoot it down, over time you can master

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