Modern architecture photography secret technique

Modern architecture photography secret technique

Modern architecture photography secret technique

The performance results of different focal lengths. When shooting the building, canvas factory au according to the picture to express the feeling, you can choose a different focal length to shoot. Generally speaking, the wide Angle lens to reflect depth of proportional relationship exaggerated picture, can expand the perspective space, enhance your visual wallop, but at the same time produce positive perspective distortion, suitable for buildings or the pursuit of the performance of the visual impact effect; Medium lens can according to the human visual habits, restore the structure of the characteristics of picture performance reality, smooth; Telephoto lenses will produce reverse perspective distortion, depth of compressed image perspective, suitable for table Now has the characteristics of the local buildings. The use of different focal length at the same location shooting with a building, the focal length of the three photos are 28mm, 70mm, 200mm, in turn reduce the picture was included in the amount of information and showing the details in order to increase. Look up camera Angle of tall buildings, wide-angle perspective effect to strengthen the building of tall and depth.

According to the different forms and the environment, canvas prints australia online during the filming of building common symmetrical type composition, frame composition, composition and composition of the diagonal composition curve method. The symmetrical composition is usually used to perform building solemn, solemn feeling. If the building itself is symmetrical, only on the facade of the building can be taken, composition the effect of such. One of the symmetrical compositions is also commonly used by calm reflection of buildings. To break the conventional composition, before the shooting, careful observation of buildings is very important. To see a building from different angles may have a completely different look. Look for unusual perspective, let the building in the lens is more interesting and attractive, increased the sense of the fun of shooting and photo art greatly. The Triumphal Arch with a unique perspective to show exaggerated in the audience In front of the picture, the picture is very artistic, and inspires people to shoot thinking, from different angles to show the beauty of the building.

Find the main elements of the special. Observe carefully, looking for some special elements as photographed by the subjects can not only increase the fun of shooting, perhaps also windfall completely alternative feel masterpiece. Selected glass reflected on the images of the buildings an angle shooting, picture form novel and bright colors.

In photographing buildings may encounter much cluttered background, influence the subject’s performance. When placed low seat looking shooting to the sky as background, is a very good choice. The pure sky foil out of the hall resplendent in gold and jade green, the picture form contrast of changes in temperature, easy to attract live audience line of sight.

In the evening, select the angle of backlight shooting buildings of silhouette can be obtained with artistic photos. The silhouette effect to the performance of complex shape, shapely figure of the buildings, the effect is more prominent. The silhouette to show peculiar shape of the building outline, so that the screen in light and form are more artistic effect, and make the building become a strong visual symbols.

Choose the best shooting angle. Some modern buildings with beautiful contour lines some have very strong sense of rhythm structure, while the modern building is very much more through the clouds. Modern buildings with different styles in the shooting, according to the characteristics of the building, in the most appropriate shooting angle to highlight its architectural style for tall buildings, looking up is the most common shooting angle, can exhibit buildings towering and spectacular. At the perspective of the picture, make the building the lines formed a steeply convergence trend, this trend not only enhances the image depth, and better performance of the buildings towering feeling. During the filming of rhythmic structure or outline beautiful buildings, can look from distant places or buildings with the same height as the shooting, in order to get the most close to ordinary people Visual effect of the picture. When standing on high ground to looking down at the angle photographing buildings, layer upon layer of buildings can exhibit vertical deeply feeling and urban downtown. Shape of modern building structure is exaggerated avant-garde, by composition and light to strengthen their strange shape, color concept, not only make the photo has ornamental value, but also show the unique design connotation of modern architecture. City of modern architecture in the design and construction, more and more into the architect’s aesthetic philosophy, choose the best shooting angle and composition, showing the beauty of connotation, has become the focus of modern architectural photography.

For the changing attitude of modern architecture, the symmetrical composition can incisively and vividly present the distinct personality characteristics; it has also become a modern architectural photography preferred composition style. When shooting, you can use a symmetrical structure of the building itself, but also the use of water, such as a symmetrical glass. To reflections on the water buildings will be shaped into another form, make the picture more visual tension. A symmetric relation picture will always have endless charm, in the filming of the modern architecture, because of its unique shape, the symmetry of the characteristics of more expressive exaggerated.

If want to perform building vertical deeply feeling, you can grab building deep corridor is convergent structure and to shoot with a perspective composition way, so that the screen to form a strong visual impact. In visual perspective of extension building contour converge to become a vanishing point, strengthen picture vertical deeply feeling.

Point-shaped structure aesthetics and rhythm performance buildings because of their own nature will be showing a lot of beauty. It has the advantages of simple structure, spotty beauty, beauty and geometric structure of line structure of beauty. In construction, if can seize these points and the shape and structure of buildings show the rhythm of aesthetic feeling, can also be taken out of the very best work. Choose a part in building construction, the use of its own, and through the dark, right and wrong, contrast between sizes, make the picture with interesting rhythm. The lines staggered form. In the aesthetic construction background shot with a hollow type, photo on canvas mesh structure the building complex, through the use of close range or close to the scene, that this kind of building lines, space form, so that the screen has a strong aesthetic form, if the pure sky. Into the picture to become the background, you can better contrast to highlight the beauty of this form.

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