Personalized photo collage canvas

Personalized photo collage canvas

Personalized photo collage canvas
Old house photo collages on canvas for single drum has been put in for three years, three years it stayed there quietly; dust it with a thin layer of fine gauze. It stood there, motionless; it is the opposite of old grandpa’s heritage, eyes bright illumined, seemed to be able to shoot the light, as they are and so on.

Single wheel car home should be a unique prints your own photos, a lifetime to do farm work which is not a single wheel car, single wheel car like middle-class family car now. Some of the older single wheels are made of wood, has a certain size shape your photos on canvas style, is almost the same, because looks the same, so each single wheel car will write the name of the owner and “manufacture date”. My writing of single wheel vehicle is the name of my grandfather, in writing brush to write of the book “Cheng Shogun”, and “manufacture date” for long time have see not clear, vaguely see the word “August”. I guess my canvas pictures for sale of single wheel vehicle has a history of more than 20 years, anyway, since I can remember there will be a single wheel vehicle. Old single wheel vehicle almost witnessed my growth.

When I was a child I was hate of single wheel vehicle, reason is very simple, work! The children are naughty; don’t want to do physical labor. Don’t look down upon a single wheel vehicle, it personalized canvas photos don’t generally, dung, carrying food, use the grass grain, stone and so on has its shadow, single wheel car is really a good helper for farmers. The front end of a single wheel car stuck up like a horn, road a circle above the rope, with canvas wall art from photos when they untied the rope. I clearly remember grandpa hit one knot rope on the surface; this can not only smooth hand can also generate power. Pig at home a while, so it is a pig, is the pig out of the stall out onto the field to do fertilizer that is to do a good job in farmyard manure.

The pig grandpa me shout woke up very early that day, farm work early. Grandpa pig with rake to single round the car, it’s fine to live, do not pay attention to is the car a little off balance and turn to, have to side for some for some, the other side it fast rotation the heap. Grandpa pile wall photo canvas when I was watching began to feel very smelly also becomes accustomed to in a moment. Grandpa heap after will have a rest, sitting on the arm of a car’s cigarette smoke on round, I smoked. After grandpa had the addiction will rope hanging from his neck on the arm of your chair, some spit saliva in two hands, hold the two ends of the handrail after wipe back and forth, and I have untied the ropes, the rope around the shoulders, one hand holding the rope wall art on canvas, hand grip on the rope knot. “Grandpa shouted” I have to pull the rope hard. Pig piled high, less say there are more than one hundred jims, grandpa every time I complain so much, single wheel car leisurely swinging in soil moving slowly on the road, left a deep imprint, the mark upon the earth, my canvases from photos with grandpa’s forces on a line.

“You, man!” As long as see my cart will come all the way on that, and I just buried his head hard pull, really like a blindfolded grinding small donkey tofu. How many times I have lost count of chug to grandpa pulled up the car, home art canvases for sale feeding pigs are grandma, year after year don’t know how many pigs in and out, I always think pigs are all the same, only grandma know this pig and a pig is not the same. Wait me in high school to the county to study I don’t have to grandpa pulled up the car, sometimes want to pull a grandpa said home will have a good rest, learn much more than this tired. It knows where you grandpa, cart a point is not tired, because at that time I learned to be lazy, seemed the rope straight canvas photos being actually isn’t how much force, grandpa also don’t say, just silently to increase the power of the hand, shoulder also slightly up, met dangerous like a kitten.

Castle Peak overlap, baryon leisurely. A narrow path leads to the distant fields, a farmer pushing a single wheel car, car full of pig, the previous child bent pulling rope, ye sun are walking in the mountains embrace, so they are so being photos to canvas small, the mountain looks like a moving black spots, though, but I have unlimited miss the feeling of the cart, the sort of “is also” voice is so kind, like a gentle told the mother.

Cart is return, and come so fast. Pull shit when I am not sit. After all, not clean, when food can sit. Sometimes my sister and I a person sit on one side, holding the candy, as the car body shaking up and down. Sky is so blue, the water is so clear, we are so happy.

Grew up again some grandpa said you can see for yourself to make good. Usually don’t work so hands how to put photo on canvas strength is limited, just pull the armrest up for the first time the car will not tell to one-sided, don’t discuss with me. ye straighten the car then let me try, did not expect the car to the other side of the yard, grandpa said you that it is no use good strength, both hands to use the same power, the left hand strength must be down to the right, the right hand strength big must fall to the left, eyes look straight ahead at the same time, can’t staring at the feet, body micro bow, eye hand to the heart to this car is listening to you how to put photos on canvas. I according to grandpa tried it on, and sure enough, this car is not from sliding, my foot on a push the car forward, also is in my heart a satisfied has accelerated the pace, did not think of in front of a groove, I think it’s too late to make “brake” wheel straight out of the ditch, others not. Grandpa did not blame me, but said to me: “well is not easy to push this pile of car ah, is coming or to retreat, the key is to learn to control the car!” I understand how to put photo on canvas nodded, bending my grandpa, she call me with the hand touch his neck, “ah, what a big a mass of meat, this is what ah, grandpa?” I touch the steamed bread of a mass of flesh surprised asked, “am this decades cart to launch to the custom wall prints!” Grandpa is not very high, the body also is not very strong, I looked at the mountains, I think my grandpa like the distant hills, with him, and a stable home and steadfast.

Now the wooden car gradually withdrew from the historical stage of single wheel, instead of a car made of iron objects single wheel, light small, the price is very affordable, many people have bought this wall art for children single wheel car, single wheel and wooden car is not as firewood burned is shelved, it’s like a head of elderly women can no longer plow the fields, quietly lying on the ridge edge to look at the younger generation have legs, seems to have remembered he had so strong! From the cart to the cart, I’m from a child to grow into robust photos onto canvas ads youth; from children to young, single wheel car but left the line of sight of people, and slowly become a shadow of existence. I heard the sound of your lament, basking in grandpa’s eyes is also a lament

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