shoot a food photo

How to shoot a food photo

How to shoot a  food photo
Food before, canvas print nz do not kill will die. For senior food goods, eating and shoot have reached the same height. Take a photo shot then and eating a delicious meal as satisfied.
How to shoot fine cuisine tempting? Closeup from food raw materials to the sumptuous buffet panoramic picture, just a little planning and attention to take the opportunity, you can take pictures of the mouth-watering cuisine.

How to shoot a mouth-watering food photos

First, the preparatory work
To find food shoot inspiration, you can see more cooking books and magazines , print to canvas related to the careful observation of light and camera angle among food photos. Whether you intend to use photographs to record a well-known recipes, or want to give their collections to add a few nice pictures of fruit, should think carefully about what needs to screen visual elements, and to find the necessary items, such as cutlery , plates and tablecloths. White plate and tablecloth fine texture are usually a good background, because of their low profile in more prominent delicious food.

How to shoot a mouth-watering food photos
Once the food is enclosed in the air for too long, it will lose it visually appealing, acrylic prints so be on the layout before shooting up the table. Arranged props, lights, and cameras (including focus, exposure and other settings), and the use of complementary dish or picture temporarily fill the position of food. Other food really came, to take a look as soon as it was delicious. Masters and friends are still waiting for bites when action should be in particular rapidly.

How to shoot a mouth-watering food photos

Food when a fresh look at the most attractive, especially when sprinkled with spices, such as salad Eric Wall Finger shooting. He uses a door shone through natural side light, creating a Zen feel, and then uses the software to create a post-vignetting effect, increasing the emotional picture.

Second, the specific picture
Not those basic cooking ingredients, usually after a period of time can still maintain the status qua, for food photography, they are ideal to practice primary subject. When you practice shooting completely shelled eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other state stable food, you can slowly discover, try to shoot in a different light and angles.

How to shoot a mouth-watering food photos
Angle photography has been very important for it, especially when shooting food. You can begin to climb the ladder overhead, then at the height of the table to make another one. If you are prepared to accept the more challenging task of shooting, or at least try to bring one assistant using a camera that comes with self-timer. Poured into the sauce or other viscous liquid on the core course, are often able to shoot coveted picture, especially when backlit. Similarly, the melting ice cream cones and dripping down, the screen will increase the dynamic and interesting.

How to shoot a mouth-watering food photos

This is a salad of raw materials Wall Finger Eric (Eric Wolfinger) shot put. In the picture, took from the garden soil source tells ingredients. He shot backlit to highlight the food color; and the use of shallow depth of field, emphasizing the details in the foreground flowers and leaves.

Third, Tips Tricks
1. Focus
Manual focusses to guide the audience’s attention, highlighting the color and texture of food. Think carefully about the depth of the problem, select a clear focus on the screen, it has a sharp transition between the soft blurred background. If you want the whole picture is clear, even more than in the aperture f / 22 shooting but also clear, then you can try using the focus stack. In different shooting multiple photos on the concentrate, and then in the post-processing them back together.

2, High Dynamic Range Imaging
Shooting high-contrast foods, such as chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, it is easy to lose the shadow and highlight detail section. Using bracketing at different exposure values ??To take multiple shots late in the image processing software synthesizes them together to enhance the quality and tone.

3, the light
When shooting food, natural light from the window incident easiest and best light. Candy food plate can be placed near a window so that the non-food shrouded in direct daylight. If the incident light through the windows is direct, it would attempt to block with a thin layer of cloth in the window, or pull the white curtains.

4, white balance
If the final image people have no appetite, then there is no meaning to catch food. Using manual or custom white balance setting, easygoing to be reproduced more faithfully food colors.

5, the lens
Fixed focus macro lens is perfect for taking pictures of food, such as 100mm or 50mm fixed focus lens for macro fast. 100mm lens allows you the distance between the camera and the food longer to shoot, when to climb the ladder overhead when this lens is especially useful. Maximum aperture of f / 2.8 or larger aperture fast lens, you can achieve greater depth of field, shutter speed and more flexible control.

6, soft umbrella or soft box
Whether you operate an external flash or studio lights (continuous or flashing strobe), you can use soft boxes, soft umbrellas, and other devices to control light diffusing light.

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