How to shoot good photos underwater

How to shoot good photos underwater

How to shoot good photos underwater

In the hot summer should have many friends already ready to go to the beach to play and travel plans, canvas new zealand wearing a bikini to diving photo, diving or fantasy of the underwater world, think about enough. Underwater filming and on land, however, but completely different things, from equipment to shooting skills are need to rethink, so today I will talk to you how to make good underwater photos.

Part One: filming equipment

Now we go out to play may be a mobile phone is enough, canvas prints nz cheap phone, Internet, take photos are all done, electronic digital products have a drawback, however, that is afraid of water, the mobile phone is no exception. And that is why mobile phone waterproof bag arises at the historic moment, a lot of online sellers claims can absolutely waterproof, even absolutely not leak within the depth of 10 meters. A small transparent bag, the appearance is colorful, opening with a precision of the seal and the most key is the price is very cheap, the light, I think it should be a lot of people heartache.

First on the most important sealing, waterproof set there is no a unified standard, does not waterproof are folded and fixed seal, waterproof effect of mobile phone waterproof bag of different price also has a certain gap, even the high prices of waterproof bag, its waterproof effect also cannot fully satisfactory. In underwater photography, after all, the longer the greater the probability, the water pressure at the same time the existence of sea water but would be crowded into the bag; Second, inconvenient operation, water, plastic bags will be posted on the mobile phone screen, plus the conductive effect of the water, basic can’t operate the capacitance screen; Another is taken effect is very poor, separated by a layer of plastic think you also know, even the SLR with waterproof, it is easy to produce water vapor, the piece rate is very low, and most waterproof bag without appropriate compressive lenses, distortion of picture. Waterproof suit, of course, also is not completely useless, playing on the beach to prevent spray, playing simple water entertainment projects or work. Neither in brief in this remind you, again good waterproof bag nor totally believe its waterproof function, especially when used in underwater

If you intend to take SLR or micro single, water film can choose corresponding models of professional waterproof shell, which is more than waterproof plastic bag of many, generally USES is closed safety lock design, and internal structure and the camera is very consistent, more accurate and convenient operation buttons. Professional waterproof shell, however, generally more expensive, the original factory can even the price of the camera itself, so not very cost-effective, basically in one thousand dollar of above, and are generally very large volume, especially when you travel, very inconvenient to carry. Of course, if you are on the waterproof effect and quality, so the waterproof shell is a good choice, descend to 50 meters without any problem. If you prefer to shoot video, choose a waterproof shell the movement of the camera is also very good.

Relative to use waterproof fitting way, I think choose itself is waterproof ability is three cameras the most. Now on the market also has a lot of waterproof camera, the cameras have the same a few big characteristics, the first is the price is low, the second is portability is strong, the third is the waterproof effect is good, very suitable for underwater filming. Choose waterproof camera in addition to the waterproof performance can let a person more comfortable, more worry when shooting. Waterproof cameras have built-in underwater shooting model, for the pictures, white balance, color and so on all have better effect. In addition, three cameras generally has very good dust preventing performance, we are at the beach photos, completely don’t have to worry about the camera off to the beach into the water to kill such problem.

Part Two: shooting skills

  • choose the right time and place

Whether it is lurking or scuba dive, the light is very important. With land after 3 PM gold light, underwater filming in sunny noon in water is the most appropriate, when sunlight penetration is best. Beginners and ordinary friend suggested filming in the shallow water area, diving area light, are more likely to take a good photo.

  • open the camera flash

Poor light conditions should be met, and in relatively deep waters shooting, if the subject is within 3 meters is recommended to open the camera’s flash, and is set to forced flash instead of automatic flash. Flash can better performance with the colors of the subject and stereo feeling, does not open, the only difference between deep blue and light blue.

  • using wide Angle shot

Although has optical zoom camera, but as a result of submarine underwater sight distance, use telephoto is unlikely, unless it is with a telephoto shooting near close-up images of the object, in most cases use wide Angle side as far as possible, because it not only your focus will be more simple, more easy to capture a good picture, close to the subject at the same time makes the subject, images and more shock.

  • close to the subject

The density of water 800 times that of air, so it is a good camera resolution, output and strong flash, the water will be discounted. If you want to get high quality photos, is close to the subject as far as possible, and using the macro function of the camera as much as possible close features tiny aquatic life, it can get very bright colors.

  • Take feed or fish in the water

With any luck you may see countless fish underwater, but most of the time just scattered around the fish. So, want to attract fish to his side for the filming, might as well carry a few small fish shrimp, etc Bait or buy special feed sealing good, first to attract fish to eat in the water. But, must pay attention to is not to overfeeding, because this is not only easy to affect creatures living habits, but also could make water become dirty, effect picture clarity, it will have the opposite effect.

In fact, underwater photography shot more difficult than on land, acrylic prnts absolutely necessary to break the original idea of the conventional photography. Marine life is in swimming, are changing frequently, we need to catch their most vivid moment, but with the right tools and proper skills after filming, sure practice can make different underwater world of the imagination.

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