6 shooting tips

six shooting tips

Want to shoot good any form of live performances, canvas prints au including indoor and outdoor two categories, that would be a big challenge. This is not only because we need to know before shooting Various Shooting principle, more important it is that we are often limited in their seats, not able to move around to find the shooting angle we want. However, these are not the most challenging of indoor performances poor light conditions are our greatest enemy. Photographer Kav Dadfar the following six aspects will help you better complete filming live performances.

1, to be a polite person
Whether our shooting environment is indoors or outdoors, canvas online australia we first need to note is always modest and polite, canvas online australia and fully taking into consideration the feelings of the performers and the audience. If you are shooting a group of street performers works, you probably have a chance before the show starts close communication with the performers, so seize the moment and he seemed to communicate it. This is not just to make the performer more relaxed, but also a basic etiquette. In addition, please keep in mind that the performers are not only for you, the service, so we just have to try to avoid or reduce the time taken before the shuttle crowd, the interference caused by the audience. Finally, when we finished filming ready to leave, make sure to leave the artist’s E-mail, and then we shot the works sent to him.

2, well prepared
This principle may seem obvious, but I wish to emphasize that we need to think in any bar shooting of a performance ready. I mean, do not forget to turn on your camera, panoramic canvas printing do the right body to set and then the correct lens ready, so we do not miss a shot. Before shooting you can try to predict what will happen next, you know, usually each show will have an orgasm, we need to take the succeeding high tide time to prepare.

3, plan shooting speed
The most critical element of a shooting performance is for speed control. By changing the shooting speed, we cannot only capture sharp, clear images, and can create the necessary dynamic fuzzy picture, of course, this ambiguity does not come from their own camera shake. Therefore, setting the appropriate shutter speed is a critical component.
For high-speed movement of the performer category, if we want to solidification dynamic scenes, you might need to use a larger aperture to shutter speed to ensure sufficient image detail nothing is completed. However, before full aperture, keep in mind: the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field, the more blurred background. So, in the end we need a shutter speed multi-block, depending on the subject we were moving speed of the object, as well as your own shooting intent (assuming you want a motion blur effect, then). Under normal circumstances, if we want to completely solidified dynamic screen, then set the value of the camera shutter speed requires higher than 1/200 sec. In addition, the camera’s high-speed burst mode is a good auxiliary tool, you can continuously shoot a series of pictures, and then to choose the most clear.

4, to enhance the ISO value
In some of the usage scenarios (especially indoors), we need to increase the camera’s ISO sensitivity setting, in order to make our fast-moving target in the shooting, a faster shutter speed. High and low ISO setting value depends on the quality of lighting conditions, and whether you have a pair of ‘iron hand. ‘ In most cases, I will not use less than 1/60 second shutter speeds, ISO and my starting value will be between 400-800. Before shooting, we need a comprehensive understanding of the camera performance under different ISO settings, because separate cameras for their ability to inhibit the noise will be different. We can be more try before shooting, so the camera’s high ISO image quality to be aware of.

5, to avoid using the flash
I believe that both the performers, or for the audience, shoot with the flash Renxian is a kind of behavior, both from the flash will kill the whole show atmosphere, but also because the flash will make the already rich colors become dull. So, we want to avoid using the flash, opting instead to rely on the actual scene shooting light. For example, if shooting outdoors performer is in shadow, then we can choose him into the sunlight again when you press the shutter; if the performer is in an indoor arena, we have to wait until the spotlight on the performers body, or the light when shooting again brighten.

6, do not ignore the show audience
We can more easily catch the performer’s action, do not forget that the masses of onlookers. Sometimes these visitors into shooting performances among the composition, allow us to get unexpected results. Try to find people in those actions and demeanor fun to record them in their exhibit joy, surprise when, and these are often unique moments really should not be forgotten, is not it?

Shooting live six law
Shooting performance is that the best place those wonderful shots are often unique, and usually performed also does not mind if we record these moments, to know that many people often fear that the attitude of the performers, and close-up shots their performance prohibitive. However, although the theme of photography shooting performance really needs to face many challenges, but as long as we diligently practiced, or can easily capture the perfect picture.

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