The basic knowledge of underwater photography

The basic knowledge of underwater photography

The basic knowledge of underwater photography

In 1893, the French biologist Louis Boutan took the first underwater camera into the water, canvas prints online nz taken in the history of the first real sense of underwater photography, from then on, humans began to deep sea view, use camera to explore the mysterious underwater world. Now just buy a simple waterproof set on the Internet, people can use mobile phones in underwater, each big camera brand also began to produce low cost, small and light waterproof camera. Underwater photography is not and already area of expertise, everyone have the chance to contact, to open the mysterious door.

Part One: some facts about underwater photography

No.1 the water will absorb all kinds of color, such as red, cheap printing auckland orange, yellow, etc. This is why when you don’t have to flash or strobe, your underwater photography is blue look. Dive deeper, the more the color of the water absorption, therefore, we often say that the deep sea is black.

No.2 built-in flash portable camera can be used to spice up your underwater photography.

No.3 professional diving photographer usually buys an external flash or strobe as a means of adding colour.

No.4 water will reduce the contrast, color, clarity, therefore, underwater your camera should keep the distance between the object to be taken within 1 meter, even closer.

Part Two: some commonly used underwater photography noun explanation

No.1 stroboscopic/Flash (Strobe/Flash)

For underwater photographer is particularly important, it can be used to provide the full spectrum of source. Camera flash or strobe can be built, it can be external, to provide more light.

No.2 waterproof shell (Underwater Housing)

Waterproof shell as the name suggests is for your camera and a layer of waterproof shell, the protection of it under water to protect your camera into the water at the same time, also can let you shoot underwater operations. Waterproof shell according to the different camera brand, model, there are many kinds of optional, of course, the more professional camera, the price more expensive equipped with waterproof shell, protective effect is better.

No.3 O – ring

Waterproof sealing rubber ring. Stroboscopic and waterproof shell will have several o-rings have waterproof effect.

No.4 the Ambient light (Ambient light)

Also known as the natural light, underwater photography is often mixed with flash light environment.

No.5 Macro lens (Macro lens)

To move slowly in the water looking for small Marine life, are very close.

No.6 Wide Angle lens (Wide – Angle lens)

It is used to shoot large marine life. No wide Angle lens, underwater photography will be poor contrast and color.

7, the backscattering (Backscatter)

Small spots, water sand, plankton reflection due to using flash in your underwater photography work, they may look like dirty things on lens or camera, but it’s not.

8, TTL technology & Fiber Optic cable, Fiber Optic cable)

TTL is a way to automatically set the flash / strobe technology is value, and to maintain the relative value of the set correctly. Fiber optic cable, it is a simple cable, can transmit light, and stroboscopic synchronous cameras.

Three: Part more underwater shadow Basics

No.1 in underwater photography, using flash and flash is very important, except in the diving in the process can be used as a light source, for underwater shooting plays a crucial role, so there are many professional photographers in the shooting process with a flash / flash. Buy an external strobe is improve the best way to underwater photo quality, of course, if there is no flash, then open the compulsory flash mode, closer to the goal of shooting and take a few pictures of macro play it, it will be a beautiful works.

No.2 try to shoot from a lower or a line of sight, rather than shoot the cute little creatures from above.

No.3 in the water before the shooting, to practice good your snorkeling and scuba diving skills, which is very important, both for the safety of your life, or the shooting effect.

No.4 in the use of flash / flash use automatic white balance, do not use flash / flash use custom white balance or camera with a built-in water shooting mode.

No.5 learn how to use the manual mode, or aperture priority mode, which allows you to control the balance between natural light and flash.

No.6 in underwater photography with a telephoto lens really is not a good choice, light in the water can not like in the air so spread, lady bird pictures art painting print even the naked eye can see a distance of biological, but the lens this distance can capture the is only in the inky blackness, and usually flash lamp or portable lighting equipment are unable to reach far distance. Furthermore, the long-range shooting will reduce the color and clarity with the works. Therefore underwater photography, wide-angle lens with a macro lens is the best choice.

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