The old story of the camera

The old story of the camera

The old story of the camera

In mid-July 1949, the school opened news Hangzhou, cheap canvas prints nz Zhejiang Daily News chairman Chen Bing as president. I am a school more than 200 students in the last report, and therefore did not participate in the opening ceremony of July 15.

Recalled the first time into the Zhejiang Daily door scene, there is a clear memory. It was September 1, 1949, Zhejiang Daily, photo prints nz held in the third floor (the newly liberated areas) first correspondent section of the media are invited to watch in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Military Region Political Department of the Beijing Opera Troupe of Beijing Opera ‘treasures slave’, Hangzhou journalism school students Cheng fan, Zhu et al also performed for the first drama ‘Shengguantu.’

When the newspaper onto the floor, printing on metal was pointed next to the editorial office first said: ‘This is the office director Chen Bing, a place to rest,’ Actually, I have not seen Chen Bing, did not care. Because there is a northern Jiangsu to the students said to me: ‘Here to learn and that they are normal outstanding student in high school and you did not even finish third grade, the future cannot be edited when the reporters,’ I Think, and he speaks a certain truth, I could not even write my own name is also bad, crooked writing were sagging, how can you can go to work in this building?

Learning to early December we graduated, he went to the Wu County to work in rural areas exercise. The second early spring, my classmates and I into the Zhejiang Daily practice. So in March 1950, I went to the door of the Zhejiang daily newspaper second times, my job title is called internship copy to engage. I thought, this task is to pick a hundred pounds heavier than the burden, a bowl of rice is really deeply unpalatable. Two months later, I do not copy the manuscript, told me to go to the rural outskirts of the internship interview.

Before leaving, the newspaper interviewed Gu secretary explained to me the discipline and reimbursement system. My first internship interview in Hangzhou gongchenqiao nearby countryside, walking on the road, always thought I was too strict care secretary, but he definitely did not think I went into the Zhejiang Daily’s guide.

Internship Three months later, I was assigned to the county when Wukang communications officer. In fact, I am very happy to work to the county, nobody control me, only six months to write the message, sent to rural Zhejiang Daily Group, not a word to use, but Shanghai Liberation Daily in the consolidated draft took me 30 years multiple words. See in the newspaper wrote of ‘pest control’ artwork printed it, really untold excitement. But I never imagined sad things come immediately.

That day, the county secretary Comrade Black fee to receive a letter from Hangzhou, the main cultural level that I too, cannot do…… As expected, I was transferred to Lin’an Xinhua Bookstore. I shop for people to rest three days, familiarize you with the business, after doing accounting work. I thought: I never learned abacus, which do not give me any trouble? When I was positive screenwriters, the newspaper Gu secretary to call the county Wukang find me, that I have to catch up and then transferred to Lin’an Lin’an.

Why such a hurry? Later I learned that, in early September 1950, President Chen Bing night shift after watching a large sample, Gu secretary asked: ‘Have you ever talk to me, journalism school students in Shanghai have a photographic shop apprentice, said his mentor ? Is a famous cartoonist, now assigned to the student where ‘Gu secretary said:’ he Wukang County when communications officer, ‘Chen Bing said:’ it called him back, of Comrade Dai Ge (photographer) poor health, now nobody will take pictures in the newspaper. ‘So, Gu secretary hurried to call me, I was transferred to Lin Chen Bing heard a little angry and said:’ you call immediately to Lin’an, immediately called the participants to the newspaper report.

Coming back this time, he never left. Report on the fourth day, Chen Bing told me to go, I asked some past situation, and encouraged me to seriously study and work hard, but also personally handed me a folded ‘Paper tiger’ old camera, I want to go to the countryside to interview.

Before leaving, he repeatedly called Gu secretary told me: ‘This camera was seized from the hands of the Japanese devils come, Tan (Chun Lin) grant political commissar Comrade Chen Bing work with, so you should be careful when using absolutely . ‘I took this with a sense of political history’ heirloom ‘, I go to the countryside to interview.


Chen Bing only camera that changed my life destiny. [FS: PAGE]

My first time to the countryside to take the first photo shoot is the root of soil and old farmhand a ‘family.’ Then I take Akin farmer Wang, Zhong et al trillion years and INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING photos. Since then, these photos become a track and create Zhejiang Daily reported firsthand biography photography, photography has become a political and historical significance and documentary value.

Let’s talk about this story from 1950: That morning, I follow the instructions leading to the famous ‘land of plenty’ Jiaxing County Rural interview. When passing the entrance to the village two seven townships, suddenly heard ‘the sky is clear liberated days,’ the song, I follow the sound closer look, turned out to be two children wearing rags in sun valley floor singing. They sing carefree joy of the parents turn around.

So, I was anxious to give them a photo shoot, the old society brought untold suffering recorded, can grow up to see their childhood and traces left over from history. In this case, the child’s parents came out from the house called me ‘liberation comrade,’ I said to the children wanted to take a picture. They said: ‘We have to take a picture, okay?’ I propose simply to give them a shot ‘family.’ Shooting, I realized that this master of the house called the root soil.

1954 autumn, leaves home life I think there is no better, and rushed seven townships. To inquire about a village, leaves home early removed disappeared. Since then I have repeatedly inquired into seven townships, and finally hit an old lady, she told me, is the root soil fleeing to Jiaxing, and after the liberation he saved up money, with his family back home Huangyan ‘sheep shed ridge’ go . Later, I rushed to the Huangyan by many grassroots cadres separately to find, and finally in September 1959, found a ridge in the arbor leaves home. I took out the year ‘family’ photos, they looked a long time will not recognize that the above is his family. My spirits took home a new leaf ‘family.’

This photo, Zhejiang Daily editor in chief interest in the West crown, personally prepared a photo caption – ‘a family decade,’ and accompanied by a poem. After the photographs were published, praised by readers.

September 5, 1962, I received a letter from the root soil, invited me to attend his daughter’s wedding. After reading the letter, I felt great pleased: This is not an ordinary wedding nearby, but a farmer turning to reporters to see their new life today. I took ‘between family years’ picture as a gift to the root home soil. Daughters get married that day, the root soil as this group of photos to her daughter’s most valuable dowry goods.

1994, 40 years later, the root soil of a ‘family’ photograph appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

1994 Spring Festival, when I appeared in the CCTV, the Yangtze Evening News reporter said in the article: ’64-year-old Xu Yonghui overnight become a ‘star’!’ I said this is not my personal honor, but the old one of Zhejiang Daily words and deeds of my teacher’s generation results.

In 1982, Chen Bing has been at work in Tianjin, Tianjin, he knew I was in a meeting, he called the Tianjin Daily Reporter Take me to his house guest, and asked Jiaxing this household still do the interview? You have to go on the interview seriously. I still clearly remember, after I entered the Zhejiang Daily, Chen Bing seven times on me face to face education, including one about my joining the Party, he wanted me to listen carefully to the views of party members, a clear direction.

Editor at Crown West is also concerned about the training of young reporters typical. In 1954, I wrote an Yuhang former warehouse grain management of ‘Essays’, in the West crown after looking at the manuscript he wrote a comment is: good article written, easy to understand, colloquial heavy masses, people like to watch, but the sentence unreasonable, too many typos please …… thank prison Comrade Xu Yonghui find an editor for text counseling to enable him to write a general caption.

I secretly vowed to use practical actions to show results, repay this good leader. Chen Bing to me especially bird camera, so I played a role in the work, liberated shot four farm pictures, now made a special report.

My tracking photo coverage is about to enter the 60th anniversary, from a very ordinary, not high cultural level of unemployed youth to become influential reporters. Since 1994, more than 70 news organizations [FS: PAGE] Over 100 reporters to interview my camera tracking reports, in addition to CCTV, there are Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Hunan Satellite TV, etc. come to my house to interview. I had wanted it all did not expect, but also dare to think of something. I want to stick with a camera in my hand, with news photographs to reflect China’s thriving new scene!

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